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About Distributor Connect

Results Driven Buyer Events

Created for the industry’s elite, Distributor Connect Meetings are exclusive relationship-building events. The conference format features pre-scheduled, one-on-one sessions between distributors and suppliers. Each meeting session is held in an exclusive supplier suite, securing privacy and improving business opportunities.

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  • Enjoy high-end accommodations appropriate for industry’s elite
  • Attendees include Top 30 Distributors and Top 25 Suppliers
  • Three days of networking, two days of meetings
  • Build long-term relationships at upscale networking social events


  • Private 20 minute meetings between the distributor & supplier.
  • Meetings are held in each supplier’s private suite
  • Up to 30 pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings in three fully planned days

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My time is very precious and I refuse to spend a moment wasting it. I debated on attending the show because it took me away from my business. How wrong I was to think this was just another show. I cannot tell you how energized I was after attending this event. I wish there had been events like this 20 years ago. We should never stop learning, and this event was all about learning. Thank you so much for the invitation.
John Koleszar, Safeguard Business Systems